Northfleet Port Hedland Depot

Northfleet has a depot located in Port Hedland, for all your mine spec needs in the Pilbara. We are conveniently available to provide our services to a range of mining, construction and resources sector projects in the area. Our wide array of clients is a testament to the excellent standard of service we provide. In addition to housing our fleet vehicles, our depot has everything necessary to keep them in top condition. This includes a panel beating facility, a range of service bays, a detailing bay and a diesel station. So you can rest assured that our vehicles are available for hire at a moment’s notice. We always strive to ensure our customers have all the help they need. So if you want to ask us anything, send an email to the Port Hedland depot or call us with the details on this page.

Mine Spec Vehicle Hire Port Hedland

Port Hedland is a town located within Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Throughout Port Hedland and the Pilbara region there are a range of major iron ore deposits. This means there are a wide array of mining projects in the area. In order for companies to take on these types of projects, they will almost certainly require vehicles with mine spec features. Northfleet ensures that each one of our vehicles are outfitted with mine spec so they’re suitable for any mining project. They’re also a great choice for projects within industries such as construction and resources. And if you don’t need the vehicles for a project in Port Hedland, they can be utilised for our freight and transport services.

Truck Hire Port Hedland

Many projects throughout Port Hedland and the Pilbara will require hiring trucks. Finding the appropriate truck will be important for the transport of equipment and materials. Luckily, we have a diverse fleet to help you find the exact truck you need. Among our selection you can find vehicles such as the 3.5 Tonne Dual Cab Truck for smaller loads or a Prime Mover if you need a bit more carrying capacity. Regardless of what truck you’re looking to hire in Port Hedland, Northfleet can accommodate you. Have a look at our truck fleet page to see which truck is suitable for your project.

Bus hire port hedland

For industrial projects on a medium to large scale in Port Hedland, bus hire is integral for transporting workers. Buses offer the most practical way to take a range of employees to and from the job site. But with the surroundings of many of these sites, regular buses may not be up to the task. To do the job safely and effectively, these buses must be outfitted with mine spec features. Our fleet of buses can suit your project depending on the relevant requirements. We have something as compact as our 12 Seat Toyota Commuter Bus, or perhaps you have a need for the 34-38 RAV 4×4 Bus. To find out which bus you want to hire for your Port Hedland project, browse our mine spec bus selection.

4WD Hire Port Hedland

No matter what job site you’re on in Port Hedland, chances are you’ll need to hire some 4WDs (or utes). Their versatility and flexibility help with many essential tasks over the larger scope of a project. Whether it’s quickly transporting people, materials or equipment, a 4WD will quickly prove useful. This boosts the overall efficiency of a project and helps all processes to run a lot more smoothly. Northfleet’s fleet includes useful 4WD vehicles such as the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon that you can hire for your Port Hedland-based project. Have a look at Northfleet’s 4WD fleet for more information.

Crane Hire Port Hedland

On many job sites in Port Hedland, you will likely need to hire a crane. There’s no better option for moving large materials and equipment on a site. By using the tension in a chain or hoist, cranes are able to lift things up vertically, placing them higher or moving them somewhere else. The finer details depend on the exact type of features the crane has. If you’re looking to hire a crane for your project in Port Hedland, take a look at our crane fleet page.

Trailer Hire Port Hedland

To help carry large loads on Port Hedland job sites, you’ll be looking to hire a trailer. Trailers come in all varieties, differently suited to the unique requirements of each project. Some projects require larger or sturdier trailers to deal with specific loads. Northfleet’s trailers are all fitted out with mine spec features, making them well-equipped for any project type. Peruse our trailer fleet page to get a better of what we offer.

Port Hedland Freight and Transport Services

Even if you don’t need to hire a mine spec vehicle, we can still help you with our freight and transport services in Port Hedland. This accommodates a range of transport needs, whether it’s larger loads or more sensitive time restraints. We have many different fleet vehicles to utilise for varying types of transport services. It all depends on your needs but we will make sure to meet them.

If you require a mine spec vehicle in or around Port Hedland, then give Northfleet a call. To find out more about cost,  request a quote. Or you can contact us and we will be happy to provide more details. You can also learn about our other depots across Western Australia.


Address: 9 Wilson Street, Port Hedland WA 6721
Postal: PO Box 323, Port Hedland WA 6721
Phone: 1300 287 444
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