NorthFleet Bunbury Depot

Northfleet’s newest depot is located in the city of Bunbury. This strategic location helps us to maximise the availability of our services to anyone completing projects in or around the Bunbury area. Our depot contains everything necessary for keeping our fleet vehicles well-maintained. We have enough space for service bays, a diesel station, detailing zones and instruments for diagnosing vehicles. This makes sure our vehicles are always maintained to the highest standard and ready to be hired on short notice. Our fleet contains a broad array of mine spec vehicles, including trucks, buses, cranes and more. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service to customers, so give our Bunbury team a call or an email using the details on this page if you have any questions.

Bunbury mine spec vehicle hire

Bunbury is a city located in the southwestern area of Western Australia. There are a range of projects in and around the Bunbury area that require specialised vehicles and equipment. This includes work done for the mining, construction and resource industries. All of our vehicles are outfitted with mine spec features, making them suitable for whatever project you may need. We also offer freight and transport services if that is what you require.

Truck Hire Bunbury

Hiring a truck is a necessity for a range of different projects in Bunbury. They are used to transport heavy materials and equipment across different locations. Depending on the specific needs of the project, you will need to hire specialised trucks. Our fleet contains trucks of all sizes and specifications, including tautliners, prime movers and dual cab trucks. This ensures you can always find something appropriate for your project. To learn about the various trucks available from Northfleet in Bunbury and our other depots, have a look at our truck fleet page.

Bus Hire BUnbury

Bus hire is an integral service for a range of medium- to large-scale projects in Bunbury. Most often, buses are used to transport large numbers of workers to a job site. But due to the potential hazards of these job sites, buses with mine spec features are needed. All of Northfleet’s buses are mine spec, so whether you need a 12 Seat Toyota Bus or a 55 Seat BCI Fleetmaster Coach, you can rest assured that they will be ready for anything. To read about the different mine spec buses that Northfleet offers in Bunbury and our other depots, check out our bus fleet page.

Ute Hire Bunbury

Hirings utes (or 4WDs) are both helpful and necessary for a range of different activities on Bunbury job sites. They’re useful for quickly transporting tools and smaller loads as well as workers across shorter distances. Thanks to their versatility, they’re integral for project efficiency. Have a look at the different utes available for hire from Northfleet if you need one in Bunbury.

Crane hire Bunbury

Cranes are important vehicles for moving heavy materials on a job site. They work using hoists, ropes, wires and chains to pick things up and move them both horizontally and vertically. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on the loads that need to be carried and how mobile they need to be. Look at our broad selection of cranes if you need them for your projects in Bunbury.

Trailer Hire Bunbury

If you’re working on a project in Bunbury, you will likely need to hire a trailer. It provides a way to move machinery, tools and materials within a job site. Our trailers are all mine spec, meaning they can handle rough terrain safely and effectively. From our Semi Tilt Trailer to our Drop Deck Trailer, you can’t go wrong. Browse our range of trailers if you need a trailer for your work in Bunbury.

Bunbury freight and transport services

Freight and transport services are important for companies in Bunbury that need to transport large amounts of materials across great distances. We offer different freight and transport services depending on the load being transported and the urgency of its transport. Our array of fleet vehicles can be deployed to help accommodate a variety of client transport needs.

If you’re interested in hiring a mine spec vehicle in the Bunbury area then Northfleet has you covered. Simply request a quote or contact us, and we can provide more details. You can also read about our other depots across Western Australia.