Toyota Prado TD 4x4 Wago

Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon – Mine Spec

The Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon is a fully mine spec vehicle ideal for long distances and comfortable travel experiences. This vehicle is equipped with standard mine spec fitments and optional safety features for reliable and efficient operation on mine sites. The spacious Toyota Prado Wagon is available for hire from one of Northfleet’s depots.

What are the features of a Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon?

Northfleet’s Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon comes with a range of exciting features. This six-speed manual or auto transmission wagon seats five people, including the driver. Equipped with the latest anti-locking brake system, this fully mine spec vehicle has your safety in mind. The Toyota Prado Wagon also comes with USB and Bluetooth connections, AM/FM radio, air conditioning dual airbags, and is compatible with most iPhones. 

The most attractive feature of the Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon is its impressive four cylinder turbo intercooled engine, with 150 litre diesel fuel capacity. The Toyota Prado is designed for long distances and off-roading. If you’re looking for a reliable and safe vehicle for mine site operation, the Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon has got you covered.

Is the Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon fully mine spec?

The Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon is fully mine spec. All of Northfleet’s vehicles come with advanced modifications that make your vehicle functional and safe in harsh mining conditions. The Toyota Prado comes with standard mine fitments such as a fire extinguisher, flashing beacon, first aid kit, and reflective tape. This Prado Wagon also has optional fitments like tow bars and internal roll over protection for added safety. 

Northfleet has worked with most large mining companies in Australia, so we know a thing or two about vehicle safety. Our mine spec Toyota Prado is kept in excellent condition by our team of industry professionals, and the majority of our fleet is under three years old. We’ve ensured that our Toyota Prado Wagon meets all government and mining company requirements.

Where can I use the Toyota Prado 4×4 Wagon?

The Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon is the perfect vehicle for long distance trips. With comfortable interiors and abundant space, you can settle in and enjoy the ride. If your work requires long travel periods, the Toyota Prado might be the solution. If you’re interested in shorter trips, our mine spec Toyota Camry is also available for hire. 

The Toyota Prado TD 4×4 Wagon is drivable on a ‘C’ class licence. However, Northfleet also offers wet hire services. We’ll provide an experienced and trusted driver to take you where you need to go. All our vehicles are made to handle various environments while also maintaining style and comfort.

Where can I hire a Toyota Prado TD 4×4?

You can hire a Toyota Prado TD 4×4 mine spec vehicle from one of our depots. We have locations in Perth, Bunbury, Karratha, Port Hedland, and Newman. If you can’t reach us, we also mobilise and demobilise our fleet to most locations. We also offer flexible hire periods. Although there may be a minimum hire period based on demand, we are happy to arrange extensions if you need your vehicle longer. 

Our hire prices vary spending on services, but the Toyota Prado Wagon comes with vehicle servicing included. Wet hire, interstate travel, and mobilisation and demobilisation may incur additional fees. Chat to our friendly team for more information about our services, or request a quote.