Dry Hire: Dry hire is like hiring a car. The customer hires the vehicle only and is responsible for driving the vehicle as well as the costs of fuel, oil and any damage that occurs. The proposed driver is responsible for ensuring they are appropriately licensed.

Wet Hire: Wet hire is bus hire including driver and fuel. The customer has no obligations other than being on time to the pre-arranged pick up point. Northfleet covers all aspects of the charter for a wet hire, except choosing the destination.

Short Term: Short term hire is usually specified as a period between 1 and 29 days.

Long Term: Long term hire is a period greater than that of short term hire or 30+ days.

Mob: Mob (mobilisation) is the charge invoiced to the customer when the customer has the vehicle delivered by Northfleet to their preferred location rather than pick it up from the depot.

Demob: Demob (demobilisation) is the same charge but at the end of the hire when the vehicle is being returned. The cost varies depending on the distance, time taken, etc.

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